GOP Misses Mark on Internet Gambling Ban

However, that doesn’t make what they’re proposing any less disturbing. That makes the people who play these sites highly susceptible to fraud, with no recourse in U.S. government oversight.

Depending on which version of the various Internet gambling prohibition bills passes, these companies could also end up bearing staggering compliance costs. markets, and be subject to U.S. Even in ways some morally crusading Congressmen happen to find distasteful.

Three bills aiming to “prohibit” Internet gambling are now winding their way through Congress.

But web-based gambling is still a $12 billion industry. So each has proposed a bill to go after the “bet placing” side of Internet gambling.

Apparently, the reasoning goes something like this: “Because of Jack Abramoff, Congress’ previous attempts to ban Internet gambling failed. Horse racing is also widely expected to escape any attempt at prohibiting online bets (the anti-gambling crusader Mr. That keeps them out of reach of U.S. But there’s also something troubling about asking private companies to become de facto law enforcement agencies (a practice that started with aggressive money laundering laws).

Rep. Jim Leach of Iowa are all upset that there are some people out there who still see gambling as the moral transgression they do. Goodlatte on his bill a couple of weeks ago, and was surprised when he spent most of his time talking not about the merits of his legislation, but about how passing his bill would send an important message to the American people about lobbying and corruption in Congress.

If you’re wondering what slapping a ban on the millions of Americans who wager money online has to do with the Republican Party’s moral shortcomings in Washington, well, so was I.

State lotteries, for example, will almost certainly be able to continue to sell tickets online (it’s curious how addicted state governments have become to the money generated from those “evil” games of chance, isn’t it?). He wanted to prohibit it–but in a way that carved out exceptions for his high-rolling clients. Which is why, despite that it’s illegal, Americans still wager billions of dollars online.

Of course, that approach would require Congress to treat Americans as adults, and understand that we ought to be free to spend our own money as we please. Instead, the bills aim to “deputize” companies like banks and Internet service providers (ISPs) to sniff out the illegal activity of their customers.

It also makes offshore gaming a prime target for organized crime and international terrorism, given that there’s no U.S. The companies that operate casino, sports betting, and poker websites are all based offshore, and most of their executives risk arrest if they ever step foot on American soil.

The funny thing is, online gaming sites are begging to be legalized and regulated. courts.

Respond to the Writer

These are important issues, and they deserve an honest debate. A better approach would be to allow them to set up shop in the U.S., contribute to the U.S. But it’s safe to say that none of the Congressmen are interested (yet) in arresting actual gamblers. I debated Rep. (Abramoff’s clients were a company that helped state lotteries sell tickets online, and the Indian casinos.) The various bills now under consideration are remarkably similar to the bill Jack Abramoff wanted passed.

As I mentioned, the current gambling bills are complicated. laws, but thanks to the Internet, still well within the reach of U.S. All are pushing their bills as part of “lobbying reform,” or the GOP’s attempt to save face after many of its members have succumbed to their own moral failings.

Or they may force your bank to closely monitor where your money goes, and to block any transaction not only with an offshore gaming site, but with companies that facilitate transactions between banks and gaming sites.

For example, Congress may end up asking ISPs to block out gaming sites from their customers, to ban websites on their server from linking to gaming sites, or to monitor the browsing habits of their customers.

The privacy implications of such measures are disturbing enough. John Kyl of Arizona, and Rep. Goodlatte, interestingly enough, has taken some $10,000 in campaign contributions from the National Thoroughbred Racing Association).

Radley Balko is a policy analyst for the Cato Institute specializing in “nanny state” and consumer choice issues, including alcohol and tobacco control, drug prohibition, obesity, and civil liberties. And so just as has happened every other time our government has attempted to ban vice (see illicit drugs, prostitution, and alcohol), efforts to ban online gambling have not only failed, they’ve created more problems than they’ve solved.

The odd thing is, contrary to what the anti-gambling folks would have you believe, Abramoff didn’t want to legalize Internet gambling. Which is exactly what Jack Abramoff wanted.

Online fantasy football will stay safe, too (previous attempts to ban this growing hobby have met with furious opposition).

The bills are complicated, and what finally comes out of Congress is likely to be some sort of compromise between the three. economy, be regulated by U.S. Which, of course, they’ll then pass on to consumers.

Internet gambling is already prohibited, at least in most forms. Rep. The opinions expressed in his column for are his own and are not to be associated with Cato unless otherwise indicated.

That’s where this trio of congressmen comes in. Goodlatte and Sen.

For now, the “bet placing” side of Internet gambling is still legal (there’s some debate on this point, but most experts agree that the government can’t and won’t arrest you for placing a bet from your computer). Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, Sen. Separately, he maintains the The Agitator weblog. So Congress should ban Internet gambling to show that it’s not under the influence of Jack Abramoff.”

Because the government has banned the “bet taking” side of online gaming, gambling proprietors have simply set up shop in countries where gambling is legal. Kyle in particular have attempted to push their bills as “anti-Jack Abramoff” measures, referring to the now-disgraced lobbyist. But knowledgeable people on both sides of the debate generally agree that by the time all is said and done, none of these three bills will actually ban Internet gambling. Unfortunately, the supporters of the three bills currently under consideration aren’t interested in honest debate. courts should they be bilked out of their money.. They’ll ban gambling for all but those gambling interests that have politically powerful allies in Congress. customers

Texting and Social Networks Abbreviations: Part 5 (X – Z, Symbols, Numbers, and Online Gambling)

Knowing enough of these abbreviations will aid you in the world of social networking, and who knows, you may even come up with your own unique cyber language.

YWHOL = Yelling “woohoo” out loud

F2P = Free to play

YF = Wife

XYL = Ex-young lady, meaning wife

2 = To

BOP = Bind on pickup

10Q = Thank you

DPS = Damage per second

19 = Zero hand

Online Gambling

NS = Nice split

X! = “A typical woman”

XOXOXO = Hugs & Kisses

YABA = Yet another bloody acronym

YGG = You go girl

MP = Mana points

LFM = Looking for more

YHBT = You have been trolled

YHBW = You have been warned

PUG = Pick up group

AOE = Area of effect

E = Enemy

? = I have a question/ I don’t understand what you mean

GG = Good Game

<3  = “Sideways heart”

Z% = Zoo

1DR = I wonder

P = Partner

FFA = Free for all

YTB = You’re the best

GLNG = Good luck next game

TD = Tower defense

YTTL = You take too long

XLNT = Excellent

X-1-10 = Exciting

CMAP = Cover my *a* partner

XD = Really hard laugh

YGTBKM = You’ve got to be kidding me

1337 = “Leet,” meaning elite

<3  = “Broken heart”

NR = Nice roll

4 = For

PVP = Player versus player

YKWYCD = You know what you can do

YT = You there?

LFG = Looking for group

YNK = You never know

2M2H = Too much too handle

VNH = Very nice hand

HL = Half Life

YARLY = Yah, really?

Here is a message you might get in the world of online gambling:

PST = Please send tell

^5 = High-five

Are you confortable texting or communicating on social networks?  Do you understand the lingo? If you are new to this type of corresponding, you may not be up to date on all the abbreviations. If you are a novice to texting and social networks, don’t be discouraged you will catch on!

XYZ = Examine your zipper

YA = You’re

YCLIU = You can look it up

YCMU = You crack me up

WEP = Weapon

XLR8 = Accelerate

2NTE = Tonight

YW = You’re welcome

HVH = Heroic Violet Hold

HP = Hit points / Health points

VGG = Very good game

YL = Young lady

The following lists will help you figure out a majority of text, twitter and social network messages.

For interesting information on other topics, see the following articles:

YTG = You’re the greatest

YYSSW = Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever

Z = Z’s are calling (meaning going to bed/sleep)

DKP = Dragon kill points

Z = Zero

VWP = Very well played

9 = Parent is watching

2EZ = Too easy

LOTR = Lord of The Rings

GH = Good hand

YBS = You’ll be sorry

YG = Young gentleman

Symbols and Numbers

404 = I don’t know

INC = Incoming”

ZOT = Zero tolerance

BF2 = Battlefield 2

RS = Runescape

1NAM = One in a million

FUD = Face up deal

LFG = Looking for guard

X = Kiss

XME = Excuse Me

FC = Full card

EQ = Ever-Quest

NPC = Non-playing character

YAA = Yet another acronym

6Y = Sexy

Texting and Social Networks Abbreviations: Part 5 (X – Z, Symbols, Numbers, and Online Gambling)


YBIC = Your brother in Christ

PC = Player character

NH = Nice hand

NBFAB = No bad for a beginner

Z = Meaning “Said”

YCDBWYCID = You can’t do business when your computer is down

JP = Jackpot

YSYD = Yeah sure you do

O = Opponent

PAT = Patrol

P2P = Pay to play

Texting and Social Network Abbreviations: Part 5 (X – Z, Symbols, Numbers, and Online Gambling)

Y = Yawn

WTB = Want to buy

GIC = Gift in crib

DM = Dungeon Master

86 = Over

?4U = I have a question for you

WOW = World of Warcraft

YWSYLS = You win some, you lose some

GL/HF = Good luck, have fun

182 = I hate you

Wondering what that means?  Well, don’t worry; if you get this message while gambling online, it’s a good thing for you because it means the following:

GGE1 = Good game, everyone

CRIT = Critical hit

TYFC = Thank you for charity

Y? = Why?

BOE = Bind on equip

MEZ = Mesmerize

YR = Yeah right

4COL = For crying out loud

*w* = Winking

Included in this final list are abbreviations used in online gambling. After Twitter debuted, people were forced to limit their messages to 140 characters and thus a whole new text and social network language was born.

YHL = You have lost

1CE = Once


KB = Kick butt

GL2U = Good luck to you

YMMV = Your mileage may vary

.02 = My two cents worth

PKMN = Pokemon

DFL = Dead *freaking* last

VWD = Very well done

121 = One-to-one (private chat initiation)

“Very well played, Very good hand! You win the Jackpot, Not bad for a beginner!!”

GS = Good split

YCHT = You can have them

NS = Nice score


ND = Nice double

Y2K = You’re too kind

VGH = Very good hand

COH = City of Heroes

AO = Anarchy Online

YWHNB = Yes, we have no bananas

<33  = “Heart or love” (more 3s is a bigger heart)

AOM = Age of Mythology

NFS = Need for Speed

10X = Thanks

“VWP, VGH!  U win the JP, NBFAB!!”

ZZZZ = Sleeping (or bored)

ZH = Sleeping Hour

UT = Unreal Tournament

YSIC = Your sister in Christ

CYEP = Close your eyes partner

KS = Kill then steal

14AA41 = One for all, and all for one

NM = Nice meld

WTT = Want to trade?

YIU = Yes, I understand

2G2BT = Too good to be true

GLE1 = Good luck everyone

ZUP = “What’s up?”

WTS = Want to sell?

YTB = Youth talk back

2MI = Too much information

YKW = You know what

AE = Area effect

@TEOTD = At the end of the day

YR = Your

2MOR = Tomorrow

CSS = Counter-Strike Source.

411 = Information

*s* = Smiling 

NC = Nice crib

DAoC = Dark Age of Camelot

GGA = Good game, all

Please note however, in the world of cyber communication things change fast, so there may be some new abbreviations not listed. People have become extremely creative in forming their messages with the least amount of words and characters as possible

Work and Entertainment at Ingatestone Hall

The one musical skill the Petre children were expected to possess was the ability to read music at sight. Sir William’s Court Dress

Ingatestone Hall

Ingatestone, therefore, possessed several musical instruments, including a virginal, lute, viol and a gittern, a predecessor of the guitar. Petre’s servants received their board, lodging, shoes and also their livery which comprised grey freize in winter and lighter grey “marble” in summer.

Petre far preferred non-gambling tames like “tables” (backgammon), or shove ha’penny, which he played with his family on a 14 foot shovelboard. Kensington Publishing, 2010) ISBN-10: 0758241992/ISBN-13: 978-0758241993

Workers’ pay was not the whole story, though. For instance, in June 1554, while attending Queen Mary at court, Petre had with him two gowns, one of them faced with velvet satin and fringed with silk, and two coats of velvet, damask and lace.

Professional Entertainers

Queen Mary and Sir William Petre

In addition, the Ingatestone accounts showed payments to morris dancers, Gylder the Tumbler, who came twice, and three Chelmsford minstrels who entertained the family at Christmas in 1539.

Self-entertainment in sports or art provided the chief leisure activity for the gentry like the Petre family, with music comprising the major part of it.

For Sir William, this was something approaching high living, but this was an occasion of some importance. Furthermore, Mary bestowed the appointment on Petre at Ingatestone Hall, an unusual honor.


He nevertheless commended himself to her when she became Queen, for she appointed him her

Mary at Ingatestone Hall

He also employed a falconer, but left the more energetic archery and fencing to his son John and nine young wards.

Home Life in Tudor England: Sir William Petre at Ingatestone Hall

There were occasions, though, when professional entertainers visited Ingatestone. In addition to wages and salaries, perquisites were plentiful. Turner” data-credit-link=”: wiki/Baron_Petre” src=”” title=”Ingatestone Hall”/>Apart from the laborers who worked on his farm land, Sir William Petre employed between seventeen and twenty-one servants during the course of the year. Queen Mary was awaiting with some impatience, the arrival of her bridegroom, Prince Philip of Spain.

That day, there were nearly fifty people to be entertained to dinner – the meal taken at noon – and supper, which was eaten at about six in the evening. Men of affairs like Petre wore flat, shallow brimmed hats and long black damask gowns, sometimes with a hint of lace to relieve the sobriety.

Bogdan, D.L: Secrets of the Tudor Court by D L Bogdan ( New York, N.Y. This was a comparatively modest number, for the Petre family was large and grew larger with time.

The Petre Family, Servants and Guests

The cloth from which Petre’s own wardrobe was made was, of course, of finer stuff, but it was similarly sober and, of course, fitted his dignified station in life.

Music and leisure at Ingatestone Hall

Please see also:

This, though, was not the first time Mary had visited Ingatestone. As always, Petre proved to be a considerate host and on the second night of Mary’s stay, he took a small amount of cash from his steward and sat down to play cards with her.

Essex Record Publication No. As Princess Mary, she had spent a few days there in November 1548, arriving with an appropriate retinue of officers and attendants.. Sixteen children, Sir William and his wife and the population of guests provided a deal of work for the Ingatestone servants and a fairly large wage bill to be paid.

Not for Sir William the close-fitting colored hose, slashed doublets and ruffled shirts sported by gadabout courtiers. Among them were bands of wandering minstrels, tumblers, jugglers, touring players and “waits” or small wind orchestras.

Both Petre and his royal guest were keen card players, but of the two of them, he was the more cautious. This ability was, in fact, one of the marks of gentility in the 16th century.

Attendance at court could, however, tempt Petre into something more luxurious. 20 (Chigwell, Essex, UK: Essex Education Committee,1962 ASIN: B0014B27QO

Sir William Petre (1505?-1572) [Sir William Peter; Tudor Biographies]

Sir William Petre retired from the court of Queen Elizabeth I in 1567 – an unusual achievement in itself – and lived in comparative leisure at Ingatestone until his death five years later.

principal secretary only a few days later. If he thought he was about to lose about half his money, he usually stopped playing.

Lady Petre, who accompanied her husband, was decked out in a black silk gown. Phillimore & Co., 1970) ISBN-10: 0900592044/ISBN-13: 978-0900592041

Ingatestone Hall

Sports & Recreations :: USC Football: Trojans Huge Favorites at Colorado This Week

Paul Richardson leads the team with 29 catches (474 yards, 5 TDs) and Rodney Stewart is second with 28 receptions (435 yards). McDonald each have two picks (Robey has a pick-six). Matt Barkley completes 67 percent of his passes for 2,290 yards and 22 touchdowns with five interceptions. His offensive line has allowed just four sacks

The defense is like the offense – one of the lowest-rated in the country, ranking 117th in points allowed (38 ppg) and giving up 435 yards per outing (249 passing, 186 rushing).

USC has won all five meetings, but the two teams haven’t met since 2002 (a 40-3 win in Boulder). Also, Torin Harris has a fumble recovery in the endzone for a TD and Jawanza Starling has an 80-yard fumble return for a score.. The lone win was a 28-14 decision over Colorado State in Denver. USC has given up just 26 points in its last two road games.

Robert Woods is the top target with 81 catches for 991 yards and nine TDs. Curtis McNeal and Marc Tyler anchor the run game with 990 combined rush yards and six TDs.

The offense ranks 111th in the country in scoring (19 ppg) while compiling 335 yards per contest (245 passing, 90 rushing). USC had its second three-game win streak snapped last week with a heartbreaking 56-48 triple-overtime home loss to Stanford. After a tough loss to a top-five team last week, can the Trojans respond against a team that is struggling?

The Trojans rank 37th nationally in scoring (32 points per game), compiling 432 yards of offense per game (286 passing, 146 rushing). Tyler Hansen completes 57 percent of his passes for 2,029 yards and 14 TDs with six INTs. The unit has recorded 15 sacks and forced 14 turnovers, with three defensive TDs (two fumble, one INT).

Colorado Buffaloes

USC Trojans

The Buffaloes are currently riding a six-game losing streak after a 48-14 loss at Arizona State last week. USC is 2-0 In Boulder, outscoring the Buffaloes 54-3 in those games.

Colorado has had a tough first year in the Pac-12, but a win at home against a storied program like USC would make the season for the Buffaloes.

Based on the series history, any Colorado win in this series would set a precedent.

The unit has 22 sacks and has forced eight turnovers, with one returned for a TD (fumble by Josh Moten). The team is 0-3 at home, allowing 34 points per game in those efforts.

The Trojans are on their way back. Anthony Perkins has 63 total tackles, with Douglas Rippy adding 62 and Ray Polk 60. The only other loss was a 43-22 defeat at South Division-leading Arizona State. Although they’re going through probation and not eligible for postseason this year, USC is playing at a high-level, just as it has traditionally. Nick Perry has four sacks, while Nickell Robey and T.J. Chidera Uzo-Diribe has 5.5 sacks (with three forced fumbles) and Josh Hartigan has four.

Seven players have at least 13 catches. The offensive line has allowed 28 sacks.

Defensively, USC ranks 64th in scoring (27 ppg) and gives up 376 yards per game (273 passing, 103 rushing). Stewart leads the running game with 473 yards and a TD (4.2 ypc).

Dion Bailey leads the team with 67 total tackles, adding two sacks, two INTs and a forced fumble

Lawmaker joins fight to bring pari-mutuel betting to Georgia

Yet another attempt is being made under the Gold Dome to bring pari-mutuel wagering to Georgia.

This time Sen. Brandon Beach (R-Alpharetta) is joining the long battle with Rep. Harry Geisinger (R-Roswell) in sponsoring a constitutional amendment that would open the door for betting on horse racing in the state.

“We’re trying to bring an industry to Georgia that’s good for hay farmers down in south Georgia, good for farms here, and just good for business,” he tells WSB’s Sandra Parrish.

Beach says the track would be privately funded and the proceeds would go support education.

He says 87 percent of the monies that are wagered at tracks around the country come from out of state.

“So we’ll be having our education funded from people from New York, Kentucky, Florida… wherever,” says Beach.

The idea of pari-mutuel betting has been pushed by Geisinger for the past seven years and has never reached the House floor for a debate.

Beach is hoping for at least a floor debate, but Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle says that remains to be seen.

“Ultimately my sense is the Senate as a whole has been debating the issue and it doesn’t appear right now that there’s an overwhelming support for it,” he says.

But Cagle does promise a fair hearing on the measure as it moves forward.

Saturday NFL recap – Great game in Foxborough,Seattle with powerful win

“We showed a lot of toughness coming back from those two deficits.”

Kam Chancellor bobbed his head in celebration as he crossed the goal line on his game-clinching 90-yard interception return.

Seattle will play the winner of Sunday’s NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Green Bay Packers and Dallas Cowboys in next Sunday’s conference title game at CenturyLink Field.

Brady finished 33-of-50 for 367 yards and three touchdowns, with his 50th and final toss being a go-ahead 23-yard strike to Brandon LaFell with just over five minutes remaining, a pass that was prettier than Tom Terrific’s supermodel wife.

Flacco was 28-for-44 for 292 yards tossed a career postseason-best four touchdowns but his second interception of the game virtually ended Baltimore’s chances with 1:39 left to play.

It was also Brady’s 46th TD pass in the playoffs, breaking Joe Montana’s all- time record.

The University of Delaware product, who has been dubbed “January Joe” by some and “Joe Cool” by others for his unflappable demeanor in big spots, only went 11 passes before being picked again, this time by Duron Harmon in the end zone as Flacco misread a single-high safety as he went deep down the left side for Torrey Smith.

The Seattle Seahawks’ resurgent defense has them thinking repeat.

Already the winningest postseason signal caller in NFL lore coming in, Brady was a hair better than Flacco, the most successful playoff QB since 2008 and a player that had already beaten the Pats in January at Gillette Stadium on two different occasions.

In one of the greatest postseason games in recent memory, the New England Patriots’ only lead was the final score as Tom Brady and Co. outdueled Joe Flacco and a battle-tested Baltimore Ravens team, 35-31, to reach their fourth consecutive AFC Championship Game..

Russell Wilson tossed three touchdown passes and the Seahawks punched their ticket into the NFC Championship Game with a 31-17 NFC Divisional Playoff victory over the Carolina Panthers on Saturday night.

Another dominating second half performance has them one step closer.

In doing so the Patriots became the only team in NFL postseason history to fight back from a pair of two-touchdown deficits to win.

Flacco had thrown 197 passes and 17 TDs between postseason interceptions, the second longest streak in history, when Devin McCourty finally figured him out in the third quarter.

“I don’t think we played as well as we would’ve liked,” said Brady, who completed eight of nine passes for 72 yards on the game-winning drive

Casino-Gaming :: Five Reasons to Play Spanish Online Casinos

The Internet is prime with many different online gaming opportunities for the fun-loving, adventurous gamer. And the best thing is that it doesn’t matter which language is your primary one: English, German, or Italian, there is something for everyone. One of the most increasingly popular places to get involved in casino games is in the Spanish online casinos, which are taking off in popularity thanks in part to the growing Hispanic population. Here are five reasons you should play:

1. You choose how long to play. At traditional brick-and-mortar casinos, you may feel pressure from the outside. Crowded tables, cramped machines, and clashed personalities are always big negatives of the physical location. In Spanish online casinos, you can enjoy playing your games in your language. No communication barriers will stand in your way, nor will any of the traditional distractions. You will have the run of the tables or slots for as long as you so desire.

2. You decide the risks. Walk into any regular casino and you will be faced immediately with the reality of risk. No casino in the world is in business for the fun of it. They are moneymaking ventures, and that means they can’t make any by allowing you to set the terms. By playing Spanish online casinos, you can start as small as you would like – even free if you want – and build up your capacity for risk from there.

3. You pick the game of your choice. Spanish online casinos can have nearly 200 different games at your disposal, varying from baccarat to blackjack to poker. Anything you can play in a physical casino you can play in an online casino. But unlike the big casinos, you don’t have to wait in line before getting down to the fun part – playing and winning!

4. You benefit from the bonus opportunities. Many Spanish online casinos are not just places where you can go to get a large sampling of the hottest casino games. They are not simply there for you to build your skills and make new friends. They are not there just so you can better pass the time. Spanish online casinos often give you the gamer the opportunity to reduce your risk even further and play on someone else’s money. With bonus codes, the house allows you to play on either a flat fee or a percentage of your deposit. That means you stay in the game longer, and increase your chances of walking away a winner.

5. You hone your skills and become a better player. With hundreds of games to choose from, there are tons of chances for you to learn the lay of the land, so to speak, and become a better player. The more you play, the more comfortable you will grow with your surroundings. And the more comfortable you are, the more likely you will make an impact on the high roller casinos.

It doesn’t matter if Spanish is your primary language or secondary, Spanish online casinos are the places where you can grow and mature as a gamer.